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All accredited members of the media, as well as senior journalists, columnists, and commentators who are not accredited, are eligible for participation as long as they are registered. 


The “Bay of Bengal Conversation” Dialogue will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from October 07-09, 2023, at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The full agenda is available at 
Please bear in mind that session timings are subject to change.


Media will have access to all public sessions.
Public sessions can also be viewed live on CGS’s web platform or our Twitter and Facebook handle.
You can also visit our website for various updates on the conference.


Find us on Twitter (@CGSbangladesh) and Instagram (@centreforgovernancestudiesbd), YouTube (/c/CGSBD), Facebook (/, and follow all conference updates with the hashtag <#BoBC2023>.

We encourage you to use <#BoBC2023> so that we can identify your message on our social media platforms. 


The Bay of Bengal Conversation Charter of Participation applies to all members of the media. If any media members are found to be in violation of conference rules, their access may be revoked. We expect that the media will be transparent and accurate in its coverage of conference events. “The Bay of Bengal Conversation” and its hosts, “The Centre for Governance Studies,” must be fully acknowledged in all media coverage during and after the conference, including off-stage interactions with speakers and participants. Only active sessions and discussions, as well as mutually agreed-upon interviews, are expected to be covered by the media.


For any queries or assistance, please write to Thain Shewe Kyaw ([email protected])