Moussa Mara
Former Prime Minister, Mali
Inaugural Speaker

Bay of Bengal Conversation 2023

The Bay of Bengal Conversation is an annual geopolitical conference hosted by the Centre for Governance Studies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The conference serves as a platform to facilitate Track 2 diplomacy among all nations that consider themselves stakeholders in the Indo-Pacific region. This year will be the second edition of the conference. The conversation will be focused on addressing all fault lines that threaten regional peace, stability, and prosperity. The world is once again witnessing the kind of great power rivalry that inevitably leads to the horrors of war. The only advantage we are allowed is to learn from past mistakes. And the only way to de-escalate the situation is through conversation.
Conversation Booklet
Boris Tadić
Former President, Serbia
MA Mannan MP
Honorable Minister, Ministry ...
Peter Haas
United States Ambassador to Ba...
Sarah Cooke
British High Commissioner to B...

Bay of Bengal Conversation 2023 Agenda