Sameena Imtiaz

Sameena Imtiaz is Currently working as the Managing Editor, Matrix Media (a print and digital media platform) since 2019. Matrix is a political magazine that extensively covers national, regional and International issues. Sameena has over 20 years of experience in the development sector. She has worked nationally and internationally on human rights issues besides actively advocating for democracy, good governance and human security issues. She has conducted several international workshops on peace & security issues in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bandgladesh, USA, Turkey, Nepal and Italy. She is a member of the Women's Commission on the Status of Women, KPK. She heads the Af-Pak Women's Forum for Peace & Democracy- a women-led network established in 2012 to advocate for regional peace.

She is a member of the Women's Democracy Network and an active member of the Women Waging Peace Network (both US based). Since 2005 she is an active member and has been a convenor of the Women's Action Forum, Pakistan. She has to her credit several research reports, publications and training manuals. Sameena has been instrumental in pushing for women's rights & rights of religious minorities in Pakistan and has worked with government, media, academia and communities across Pakistan.