Sanjay Kumar Bhardwaj

Prof. (Dr) Sanjay K Bhardwaj, Professor for South Asian Studies

Former Chairperson, Centre for South Asian Studies & Former Director, Energy Studies Programme at School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His area of specialisation includes; Bangladesh Studies, India’s Foreign Policy, Politico-Security, Socio-Economic and Foreign policy Issues of  South Asian Countries.

He is recipient of SRT Fellow Award 2009-10, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, on ‘Contesting Identities in Bangladesh: Secular and Islamic Frontiers’.

He is also recipient of ASIA Fellows Awards 2010-11 (ASIA Scholarship Foundation, Bangkok), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Bangladesh Perspective on India: A Study Water Sharing issues since 1996'.

He has been ‘Chinese Academy of Social Science-ICSSR Fellow-2013’, Beijing, China on ‘China’s South Asia Policy’.

He has been SUSI Fellow 2018 on National Security Policy Making at University of Delaware, USA.

Currently, He has completed three research projects on following subjects:

1. India’s Energy Security: Inter-regional Cooperation to Energy Security Society

2. India’s Neighbourhood Policy: Small and Big Neighbours in South Asia

3. Identity Politics in Bangladesh: Implications for India

He has authored three books/monographs and over three dozen articles, research papers on Bangladesh and South Asian Studies.

His recent book (ed.) entitled “The Chinese Shadow on India’s Eastward Engagement: The Energy Security Dimension”

He has successfully supervised more than 30 Ph. D scholars on Bangladesh and South Asia Studies.