Sitara Jabeen

Sitara is working as Senior Producer in the digital newsroom of TRT World. She is dedicated to digital documentaries and series after making her way through several projects in digital content strategy. Before joining the news industry, she was the public relations officer at International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) headquarters in Geneva where she managed ICRC's communications for the Middle

East and the Horn of Africa. Her most challenging task was to be an always-available spokeswoman for international media and oversee the digital communication platforms like Twitter, Facebook and the website. Prior to working in Geneva, she was an ICRC media delegate in Iraq and before that the deputy coordinator of public relations in Pakistan. Her masters in marketing (2017-2018) and M-Phil in Peace and Conflict Studies (2009 – 2013) from universities in Italy, Spain, and Pakistan were about understanding the geopolitical issues and how narratives are formed and sold in the digital space.