Suneera Nerissa Madhok

Suneera Nerissa Madhok is an Intellectual Property and Technology lawyer, and is the Founder of Nomos Associates which has over the last decade become an expert on the impact and strategic implementation of existing & emerging technology, amicable resolution of disputes, international collaborations and cross border business solutions, and protecting rights of domestic workers employed in Indian households.

Suneera holds a Master in Business Laws, and Post Graduate Diplomas in Media Laws, and Entrepreneurship Administration & Business Laws. She was instrumental in ensuring execution of the Audio Visual Co-production Treaty between India & Canada, and also co-drafted a Bill on Probity for the regulation and accountability of the non-profit sector. She is a Raisina Fellow 2020, World Economic Forum Global Shapers mentor for her local chapter in Goa, India, and also mentors with foundations engaged with young adults from the economically weaker sections of Indian society aiming to create and ensure retention of work & academic opportunities.

Suneera is insatiably curious and thrives on stimulating conversation and exchanging of perspectives. Her passport is her most valued possession and while people collect mementos, she collects people, and uses travel to dispel misguided notions about the Indo-pacific region and its position in the new world order.