Ana Maria Paraschiv

Ana Maria PARASCHIV is the Founder of UBUNTU WORLD SARL ( 2108) an international consulting company focused on the circular economy and new technologies ( IOT, AI, VR, EV etc) UBUNTU helps and supports companies and investors to shift away from a linear (take, make, use, waste) production economy towards an innovative, sustainable circular economy. The circular economy is the most accessible, inclusive and practical business. We exist to inspire people to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We believe in re-thinking the way we consume and re-use the world's resources so that natural systems get constantly regenerated. We contribute to designing systemic impact solutions that ensures us the foundation to confidently build a sustainable future.

We act upon respect for humanity, respect for nature and respect for the climate. From 2014 Founder and CEO of ABCD SAS Bulgaria international consulting company that helps Foreigners companies to expand in Europe. We assisted over 400 French companies to set up their operations in Romania and Bulgaria. 2007-2014 - CM CIC French BANK - International trade consultant for French SMEs in Romania. Ana Maria is speaking French, Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.