Irene Soler Carmona

Irene lives in Salta, an Argentina northern province with a population of approximately 1.200.000 people. She is an Attorney from the National University of Tucuman and President of "Environmental Friends" an NGO dedicated to environmental education and forestation. At the same time is currently President of "INPROTUR" (a provincial government organism for the turistic promotion of Salta). Her most notable works in the political and environmental area was her job as State Secretary of Environment (2015-2017), and Provincial Deputy in Salta, Argentina (2011-2015), being a laborious member of the Environment Commission of the Deputy Chamber. She was Environmental Development Subsecretary (2017-2019) and councilwoman in Salta city (2008-2010). She was elected for the Frente Salteño party, and was president for the Salta Conservator Popular Party (2004-2015). Mrs. Soler Carmona is member of RAP since 2010 (a pluralist and non-partisan Foundation engaged

in promoting the development of a new political leadership based on a series of common principles and values). At the private sector she was a legal adviser in the Provincial Council of the Disabled, being member of the Monitoring Organ of the Committee on Consumer Protection and also advisor of Junior Achievement Foundation.