Christine Barbara Nimusiima

Ms. Nimusiima is an ICT/Finance and Gender specialist. She previously worked for the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) promoting programmes of Right to Food and food security in Uganda on cross border programmes (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC). These programmes looked at different Value chains and looked at enhancing capacity of the different players across the chains.

Currently works with International Womens' Centre for Empowerment (IWCE) to develop programmes that enhance social responsive strategies to support and facilitate sustainable development primarily for women's access to market programs, Internet governance, digital empowerment, enterprise development, business linkages, and to set up investments in new and innovative business and social services. Her programmes specifically seek to apply the tremendous transformative capacity of ICTs to strengthen women’s movements and women’s rights agenda some of which target the micro and small enterprises as well as organisations working with improving poor people’s access to resources, education, capacity building etc.

Some of her other work entails mobilising support, amplifying pressure for change makers and dissemination of information to build knowledge especially in the areas of technological paradigms, assumptions about user realities, institutional configurations, policy priorities, legislative frameworks and how they must be developed with the participation of women's movements in order to reflect and respond to women's diverse knowledge, realities and needs.

Over the years she has shared her work through various speaking engagements both at national and International Levels, she has been able to contribute to the voices that shape and make recognizable contributions and ideas towards the formulation of both national and global governance policies.

Some of the engagements where she has actively participated are the Kigali Global Dialogue,Africa security forum (Morocco), CYFY India/Africa conferences on cyber security and Internet Governance, Rights-con Toronto, Open-con 2018, SIF 2014-2018 Sweden, FIFA Africa 2019 etc where she participated on diverse panels especially in relation to gender equality and empowerment and its role in shaping the global agenda, Internet governance, access and inclusion, and digital empowerment, Freedom of expression.

She is a dynamic advocate for transparency and building systems and structures that bring women to the fore front of development and eliminating social and economic inequalities; as well as serve as a Board Chair for Centre for multilateral Affairs (Cfma) (, IWCE Africa; It is the same drive that led her to found social enterprises that focus on employment/labour market enhancement and mindset change as well as the ICT institute in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.