Aishath Rafiyaa

Dr. Aishath Rafiyya, Founder & President of Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth (RAFY)NGO, is a renowned woman icon for her peacebuilding, humanitarian & voluntary service in the Maldives. A former Diplomat with a Doctorate in Politics and Internal Relations, Rafiyya is a trailblazer in Maldivian politics by becoming the first elected woman as a Deputy Leader of a Political party in the Maldives. A life coach, published author, an award-winning researcher, and a top advocate for Women & Youth empowerment for over a decade, her work has touched over 30,000 young people from the Maldives & across the globe. She has been a mentor for the Queens Young Leaders program, mentor for STEM Scholars & 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures at New York Academy of Sciences, a fellow of the Beyond Borders Women in Conflict 1325 Fellowship Programme, Honorary President of the Royal Institute of Public Administrators of Royal Institution Singapore, a Raisina Young Fellow, and the Executive Director at the Global Peace Institute London. She has received over 19 awards & accolades both locally & globally, including JCI TOYP,  University of East London UK's Alumni Advisory board Change Maker Award, the President’s National Youth Award in volunteerism for her 22 years of service.