Krzysztof M. Zalewski

Krzysztof M. Zalewski, Ph.D. co-leads the Boym Institute, an independent in Warsaw, Poland. Author, editor-in-chief of the Institute’s formats “Asia Weekly” (“TydzieĹ„ w Azji”) and "Tech-news from Asia” (“Azjatech”).

He previously served at the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna (2014-2016), at the Foreign Relations Office of the Chancellery of the President of Poland (2010-2014), at the Polish Parliament (Sejm, 2009-2010) and at the governmental think tank Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw (2009). Member of the German-Polish Youth Office Board (2011-2015). Alumnus of the Bucerius Summer School (2012) and Marshal Memorial Fellow (2011, German Marshall Fund of the United States).