Arun Sahni

Gen Arun Sahni is a former ‘Army Commander’ with varied operational experience in India and abroad. He had been a high achiever, starting with the award of ‘Sword of Honour’ and ‘President’s Gold medal’, on commissioning. 

He has an insightful understanding of the Internal and external security challenges, CI/CT operations, Mechanised warfare, border management and military diplomacy, due to the multitude of assignments in India and abroad. At apex command assignments, he has been responsible for borders with China, Myanmar and Bangladesh and later Pakistan. Key staff assignments in Military Operations, as Director General Information Technology DGIT, military diplomat in Russia and training in UK, has given him a meaningful insight into the intricacies of army’s operational preparedness, modernization, strategic assets and IT.

He is well respected for his academic excellence and incisive strategic insight into security and defense issues, geostrategic developments of the changing global order, disruptive changes in India’s near and extended neighborhood, NE / Act East challenges and cyber security. A regular speaker at various forums, on a multitude of related subjects, he is a ‘Distinguished Fellow’ with prestigious think tanks of India and steers an environment policy group. He is mentoring start-ups in cyber security, AI and Robotics and is a strategic advisor to a leading Corporate, for its  Make in India – Defence initiatives.

A keen and accomplished sportsman, he is an avid golfer and polo player. 

CONTACT – Mobile +91 7568766661;  E Mail: [email protected]