Mariyam Nasir

I am a dedicated, committed and hardworking person working as a Director general of Quality

Assurance Department of Ministry of Education of Maldives. I started my career as a primary

teacher. Working as a Primary Teacher, as a Supervisor, as a Principal and as an Education Officer

helped me to grow and develop in my career. Working in different schools of Maldives and the

Ministry of Education has brought me tremendous experiences during the 28 years of service in

the education sector. I Joined the education sector after completing the primary teaching course.

Completing Diploma of Teaching English as a Second Language (NIE, Sri Lanka), Advance Diploma

in Teaching and Learning & Professional Development of Teachers (Minho University of Portugal),

Post Graduate Diploma in Education (MI College, Maldives), Graduate Diploma in Management

(Avid College, Maldives) and Master of Education (Open University Malaysia) helped me to grow

academically. Completing the PhD in Education from Lincoln University of Malaysia is a dream

which is going to be a reality