Aamna Khan

Aamna Khan is currently a final year PhD student majoring in International Relations under a fully-funded Chinese Government Scholarship at the School of International and Public Affairs, Jilin University, China. Her dissertation title is The Role of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in countering terrorism in the region. Her area of interest includes Counter-Terrorism, Security studies, Peace and Conflict studies and, Foreign Policy Analysis. Previously, She has an MPhil degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from one of the prestigious institutes of Pakistan; the National Defence University, Islamabad. Her MPhil dissertation title was Role of religion in conflict generation; A case of the Islamic State. She is an independent researcher associated with various think tanks and institutes such as USIP and working with them on various projects. Further, she writes regular Op-eds for various national and international media outlets including CGTN. 

Due to her passion for social and peace activism, She has been working voluntarily with numerous youth-led global organizations including STEAR (The Student Think Tank for Europe-Asia Relations), the first and leading policy institute for students and young professionals in Europe and Asia, where she is serving as one of the board members and a Conference Director.