Peace Chikodinaka Eze

Peace Chikodinaka Eze is a broadcast Journalist and a prominent voice on one of Nigeria's leading magazine programmes on television 'Kakaaki the African voice' on Africa Independent Television, headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. Ms. Peace has a masters degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies from University of Lagos, Nigeria. Her passion for socio-economic development and governance globally particularly in Africa further persuades her persistent calls for action from stakeholders, government and other institutions. She unreluctantly amplifies her voice for those better classified as the voiceless in the society. Her desire is to see a world habitable for all, free from the menace of climate change, corruption and insecurity. Ms. Peace is an alumnus of the Asian Forum for Global Governance and a fellow of Fredrick-Ebert-Stiftung Open Minds Young Voices and among other associations wholefully involved in deepening democracy and governance globally.