Media Advisory

Online Registration 

Interested media personnel is requested to complete the online registration (Bay of Bengal Conference 2022). After completion of the online registration, a confirmation email will be sent and further instructions will be sent eventually. Please note that the registration is compulsory for media personnel. 

Conference Access and Social Media

The Bay of Bengal Conversation hosted by the Centre for Governance Studies (CGS), Bangladesh, will take place between 21-23, November, 2022 in Dhaka at InterContinental Dhaka, Bangladesh. We request you to carry a valid confirmation pass for entry all public sessions of the conference. However, closed-door sessions will be restricted and only accessible to prior permission. It should be noted that without a valid confirmation pass, the entry will be denied by the organizing staff. We will make public the full agenda of the conference three days prior to the conference. 

We request you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram with the hashtag (#BoBConversation). For more details about us and the conference, you visit the Centre for Governance Studies or email us at [email protected][email protected]

Media Logistics  

We will provide open and designated zones in the foyer area as an Interview Corner for the media to conduct a public interview with the participants. Prior permission will be needed to conduct an interview. Please contact us for an interview schedule.

Charter of Participation 

Media personnel is requested to abide by the Code of Conduct of Bay of Bengal Conversation and violation of the conference Code of Conduct may cause the access revocation. 

We expect transparent and accurate reporting of the events and active sessions, discussions and mutually consented interviews are expected to report only. 

Centre for Governance Studies(CGS) should be acknowledged in all media coverage as the host of the conference. Please note that commercializing any videos, stills, or photographs taken in the conference is strictly prohibited. 


For any specific questions or information, please contact us at [email protected][email protected]